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Hi, I am Greta

I am a creative professional gravitating around art direction, branding, graphic design, visual communication, and marketing design. 


I have ten years of international experience in the fashion industry as an art director, graphic designer, and model, as well as a background in creative communication, visual communication design, and fine arts. 


This experience taught me how to work professionally and empathetically in a fast-paced environment, and developed my creative and objective critical thinking - skills that I apply when creating projects that are not only aesthetic but also meaningful.


After working for several years in Berlin, Germany, I currently live and work in Vilnius, Lithuania. I enjoy helping new brands come to life by developing brand strategies, visual direction, design and communication as much as I like the challenge of maintaining the established brand image and finding ways to improve it.

Let's talk if you want to do good together.


Based in Vilnius, Lithuania


Art Direction / Creative Direction

Photography Direction

Mood Boards: fashion shoots, branding

Brand Strategy & Communication Ideas

Visual Identity Direction & Graphic Design

Print Design: brochures, posters, editorial

Digital Design: web, social media, etc.

Social Media Management

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